These resources will help employers improve air quality in Dane County.

Downtown Madison Employer

Use the Employee Commute Options Toolkit and Operations and Facilities Toolkit below to reduce emissions from employee commuting and business operations. Calculate business and other benefits online.

Employee Commute Solutions Toolkit

When you help your employees with alternatives to driving alone, you also help improve air quality since pollution from vehicle exhaust causes 50% of Dane County’s total air pollution. Employees will save money—and you’ll improve recruitment and retention of a first rate staff. Other benefits are reduced absenteeism and lower health care costs, increased productivity gained from less employee stress and time spent commuting, reduced parking needs, and lower office space costs.

Employees can learn the true cost of commuting with this Commute Calculator.

Contact Rideshare, Etc.and Metro Transit for more commuting information.

Operations and Facilities Toolkit

You can find specific ways to reduce emissions, and possibly save money, that are unique to your operations, facility and fleet. Contact us to schedule a free operational audit at your work site. The resources below will help you educate your employees about Clean Air Action Days.

PowerPoint presentation Workplace Perspectives on Healthy Air


Information Sheets and Brochure

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