Royle Printing

Royle Printing Demonstrates Environmental Stewardship

Royle Printing, recognized nationally as a high quality, full service commercial web and sheet fed printing company, has done business in Sun Prairie for more than 60 years. A conservation-based strategy of energy and material consumption drives the decisions and operating practices that make Royle Printing a good steward of the environment and community.

In keeping with its long commitment to the environment, the company has joined the Healthy Air  Employer Network, a group of innovative employers taking action to clear Dane County’s air by reducing emissions from employee commuting and facility operations. Royle will now alert their employees on Clean Air Action Days, so they can take extra steps at work and at home when ozone or fine particle levels are high. In Dane County, air pollution from vehicle exhaust causes 50% of our total air pollution, so reducing car trips is key to protecting our air. As a result of free employee commuting assistance offered through Healthy Air, Royle Printing has begun educating its employees about alternatives to driving alone. Information about transportation options and incentives is included in bi-weekly employee newsletters and Healthy Air’s “How to Commute Without Your Car” handout is distributed to new employees during their orientation. An anti-idling policy for trucks at loading docks has been instituted to improve both air quality and fuel efficiency.

A UW-Extension pollution prevention specialist provided a free Healthy Air operational audit of the facility and gave it high marks for energy and material efficiency. Examples of steps Royle has already taken are motion sensors on warehouse lighting and reusable totes for low-VOC ink. Royle now buys ink in refillable 400 gallon containers that are returned to the manufacturer for refilling. In the past, solvents which are harmful to air quality were used to clean the containers.

The Healthy Air specialist also recommended a way to further improve Royle’s energy efficiency. With a heat exchanger, the heat exhaust from the regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), currently used to destroy VOCs emitted in the printing process, could be captured to reduce natural gas used for heating. Wisconsin Focus on Energy offers help with the cost of the equipment required. Any company can contact Focus on Energy at 800.762.7077 for a free industrial energy audit. The best opportunity for any well-run, modern facility such as Royle Printing to improve its environmental impact and reduce operational cost is to improve the energy efficiency of its equipment and lighting.

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