Healthy Air programs and projects help companies innovate.
Scene from downtown Madison with Metro bus

On Clean Air Action Days, the Dane County Clean Air Coalition asks government agencies, businesses, community organizations and citizens to take steps to reduce air pollution. Sign up now for Clean Air Action Day alerts so you can take steps, too.

The Healthy Air Employer Network is an outgrowth of the Healthy Air Initiative. It provides area employers with engineering help to reduce emissions from operations voluntarily. Contact us now for a FREE operational audit. When you join the Network, you can share best practices with your fellow Network Members. All employers can get help with providing commuting alternatives for their employees using the Employee Commute Solutions Toolkit.

Learn about successful projects completed by our members:

The Biodiesel School Bus Fuel Incentive Purchase Program gave rebates to Dane County school districts and private companies purchasing biodiesel fuel for their school bus fleets.

The Car-Lite Diet challenged employees and households to reduce their vehicle emissions. A website allowed participant to compete with themselves individually or in groups as they registered and recorded their emission reductions.

For the Clean School Bus Initiative, the Dane County Clean Air Coalition and the Madison Metropolitan School District secured a $291,470 grant to purchase and install diesel oxidation catalysts in 253 school buses.

During the Gas Can Exchange Program local residents exchanged their old gas can for 3600 environmentally-friendly gas cans. The new gas can reduces the amount of ozone-causing vapors by up to 75%.

As a result of the Gas Station Vent-Cap Installation Program for the first time in Madison a significant number of gas stations now have environmentally-friendly caps to hold in harmful gas vapors.

The Green Gas Station Initiative installed pressure vent valves at 100 gas stations in Dane County and two vapor recovery systems (one in Dane County and one in Milwaukee County).

The Non-Road Clean Diesel Demonstration Project targeted emissions from non-road diesel-powered equipment. The Dane County Clean Air Coalition and Department of Natural Resources secured a $100,000 grant to purchase and install diesel oxidation catalyst mufflers on bulldozers, scrapers, end loaders, graders and other equipment.