Join with others to make our air cleaner, clearer and healthier for everyone.
Downtown Madison Employer

Innovative employers are already taking action to clear Dane County’s air by reducing emissions from employee commuting and facility operations. When you sign up to join them, you can receive a FREE operational audit of your worksite and learn about the best practices of your fellow Network Members. Download the Healthy Air Employer Network brochure to learn more.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Get bottom-line benefits that come from reducing emissions from business operations.
  • Ensure our region’s continued economic competitiveness.
  • Enjoy a sense of civic pride as a leader in Dane County.
  • Avoid costly air pollution control regulations.
  • Have healthier employees who enjoy cost-saving transportation options and are educated about an important public health issue.
  • Gain recognition as a Healthy Air Employer. Your name will be added to the list of Network Members.

How it Works

You join by pledging to take 3 simple steps:

  1. Designate a coordinator to inform your employees of impending Clean Air Action Days so they can take action to reduce emissions. The coordinator will automatically receive Clean Air Action Day alerts and forward them internally.
  2. Implement one or more long-term activities to permanently reduce your emissions through an organization-wide policy or process change. Explore your options with the Healthy Air Employee Commute Options Toolkit and Operations and Facilities Toolkit.
  3. Help grow the Healthy Air Employer Network by inviting at least one new member to join.

Join us today.

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