The Healthy Air Initiative: Working with Businessses and Their Employees
Goal: Reduce volatile organic compound (VOC), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and fine particle (PM 2.5) emissions.

The Healthy Air Initiative provides Dane County employers with free non-regulatory assistance from the University of Wisconsin to assess their options for emission reductions. Many manufacturing processes result in the emission of fine particles or chemicals that are ozone precursors (or VOCs). While manufacturing is not the primary source of these emissions in Dane County, manufacturers can do a lot to reduce their contribution to air quality degradation by:

  • Eliminating the use of chemicals through substitution.
  • Using better process controls to limit emissions.
  • Curtailing emission-causing activities during Clean Air Action Days.
  • Encouraging everyone to do their share by providing employees with commuting options.

Coupling practical technical engineering assistance with education the Initiative helps manufacturers and other employers make changes. The result? Lower public health risks from three major air pollutants: ground-level ozone, fine particles and hazardous air pollutants.