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Healthy Air Employers: Commute Options

Giving Employees Choices about Commuting

Employers throughout Dane County demonstrate their commitment to protecting air quality by supporting alternative commutes, developing clean air policies and practices within their organization, educating employees, and rewarding positive employee commuting choices. We designed the following ideas to help you start or build on the success of your Healthy Air program.

Support Clean Commutes

  • Provide safe bicycle parking, lockers and showers
  • Provide privileged/preferred/free parking for verifiable carpools and vanpools
  • Sponsor a “Bus-with-a-Buddy” day to introduce newcomers to public transit
  • Provide a transit subsidy to employees who take the bus
  • Take inventory of existing commute options to travel to a workplace, and post information on the company Web site.
  • Participate in a Guaranteed Ride Home Program
  • Resources: Rideshare/etc., Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin

Develop Clean Air Policies

  • Offer telecommuting option to employees
  • Promote flexible work schedules (for example, 9/80 or 4/40)
  • Encourage the use of virtual meetings via teleconference or video conference
  • Provide transit passes and bikes for business travel
  • Create a journey management program that requires employees to map out how they will be transported furing each segment of their business trip, including using public transit
  • Develop a policy that allows maintenance employees to omit the use of gas powered lawn equipment on Clean (Healthy) Air Days
  • Resources: Business Week, “Making Telecommuting Work”, Midwest Institute for Telecommuting Education, The American Telecommuting Association

Educate Employers

  • Send out a monthly email to employees containing clean air tips and health-related information
  • Place informational tip cards, bookmarks and commute information in paycheck envelopes and in new employee packets
  • Develop a display highlighting commute alternatives and clean air choices; place display in the lobby, break rooms and human resources office
  • Include educational articles in employee newsletters and on company Web sites
  • Conduct a Healthy Air fair with health educators and representatives from the DNR, transit agencies, bike coalitions, etc.
  • Resources: Wisconsin Department of Health Services: Air Issues Fact Sheets and Environmental Health Resources, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Air Quality and Health.

Reward Positive Actions

Share your program ideas and successes with us!

Thanks to Spare the Air for sharing their ideas!