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What you can do: Healthy Communities

Neighborhood associations, churches and other community groups

  • Share a ride with a neighbor.
  • Keep up the good work of carpooling kids to activities and school.
  • Have fun competing in the Car-Lite Diet program each May.
  • Help your neighbors learn about energy efficient solutions for their homes.
  • Publicize tips in the neighborhood newsletter so residents learn about actions they should take on Clean Air Action Days.
  • Consider adopting a "Community Car" in the neighborhood so residents don't need a second vehicle.

School districts

  • Study and implement "no idling" policies for school buses.
  • Get involved with school bus companies to "green" their fuel.
  • Organize and implement a Clean Air Action Day plan for school and facility operations.

Local governments

  • Adopt local government policies and procedures responsive to Clean Air Action Days, including facilities management and government fleet maintenance.
  • Help improve transportation options for local residents.
  • Support local companies that work hard at reducing emissions voluntarily.