Dane County Clean Air Action Days
Goal: Reduce pollution from fine particulate, volatile organic compound, and nitrogen-oxide emissions

When ground-level air pollution is forecast to reach an unhealthy level for sensitive groups (especially children, older adults, people with asthma and others engaged in vigorous activities), the Dane County Clean Air Coalition alerts the public on this web site, local television weather reports, and in the local newspapers. Sign up to receive Clean Air Action Day alerts via email.

Please take the following steps on Clean Air Action Days:

Drive less.
Combine errands, walk, bike, carpool or use the bus.

Conserve energy.
Reduce your use of electricity.

Choose a different day.
Wait until late in the day to use of solvent-based products. (Observe for ozone pollution days only.)

Wait until tomorrow to light your fireplace, your grill, your outdoor woodburning fire pit, or your outdoor burn pile. (Observe for fine particle pollution days only.)

Wait until evening.(Observe for ozone pollution days only.)
Use gas-powered yard equipment later in the day. Refuel your vehicle after 6 pm. During refueling, stop when the nozzle shuts off. Don’t overfill or drip fuel.

Download a poster to spread the word about Clean Air Action Day steps.