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What you can do: Healthy Air Employers

Healthy Air employers work to achieve and maintain federal air quality standards in our region in order to protect public health.

When your organization becomes a Healthy Air employer, you link up with the Healthy Air Employer Network to share ideas, projects and programs that make a difference.

The Challenge. As one of the fastest growing areas in the country, Dane County’s population increased 8.7% between 2000 and 2006, adding more than 50,000 people during that period, according to the US census. The County continues to enjoy a high rate of growth that brings prosperity for business and citizens, but also presents some challenges. Two of those challenges are air pollution and traffic congestion. Poor air quality and traffic congestion not only distress residents of our community, they also affect business costs in the form of lost productivity and lower employee morale. Unhealthy levels of air pollution also increase the possibility of more federal regulation.

Prescription for a Healthy Community. That is why employers who join the Healthy Air Employer Network are making cleaner air - and cleaner commutes – priorities at their work sites.

Whether you are a large or small employer, the information and education tools found here can help you start a program to protect air quality through the voluntary efforts of your employees and managers. The web resources for Healthy Air employers especially focus on transit options for employees. You will also find ideas here for improving your facility’s operations in ways that reduce air pollution from production, shipping, fleet management, grounds and buildings maintenance.

Both through employee transit programs and air quality initiatives in operations, your organization will expand customer awareness of your contributions to healthy air quality. We’ve designed the Healthy Air website to support your efforts. This site includes facts and figures about air quality and health, calculators, commuter tax benefit information, rideshare and guaranteed ride home information, and air quality news and events. Our Healthy Air Employer’s Toolkit helps you get out the word to to your employees with information, downloadable graphics and ready-to-go articles for your organization’s newsletter.

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