Here are some steps employers can take to improve air quality in Dane County.

Downtown Madison Employer

For more information about steps toward healthy air and a healthier bottom line, use our Employer Toolkits. For a free operational audit at your work site, contact us today. We hope you will join other area employers who care about our air by becoming a member of the Healthy Air Employer Network. Your name will be listed with other Network Members.

Employee Commute Alternatives

  • Provide your employees with information about healthy alternatives to driving to work alone, since pollution from vehicle exhaust causes 50% of Dane County’s air pollution.
  • Develop company policies and facilities (such as subsidized bus passes, bicycle parking, or privileged parking for car or vanpools) that encourage employees to use alternative transportation.
  • Give your employees commuting fringe benefits. Learn more about making this wise investment by downloading the Employer's Guide to a Commute Solutions Program
  • Offer telecommuting or compressed work week options.
  • Be flexible so employees can arrange their work hours around bus and car or vanpool schedules.
  • Encourage the use of virtual meetings via teleconference or video conference.
  • Inform employees of impending Clean Air Action Days so they can commute without their cars. Download the Clean Air Action Day posters provided in our Operations and Facilities Toolkit.
  • Join the Healthy Air Employer Network.

Fleet Operations

  • Keep fleet vehicles tuned up; regularly check and correct tire pressure.
  • Pressure test fuel caps to ensure seal.
  • Avoid overfilling or “topping off” gas tanks on fleet vehicles.
  • Avoid engine idling when making deliveries, during loading and unloading, and while in lines. Download the "No Idling" posters provided in our Operations and Facilities Toolkit.
  • Refuel fleet vehicles after 6 p.m.
  • Sign up for Clean Air Action Day alerts, and postpone discretionary vehicle use and equipment and vehicle degreasing on Clean Air Action Days.

Maintenance and Operations

  • Turn off your computer, office machines and lights at night to save energy. Conserving energy reduces air pollution caused in energy production.
  • Encourage the use of low VOC paints, stains and custodial care products.
  • Control emissions by tightly sealing all solvents, properly disposing of rags with solvent waste, and using substitutes for solvents where possible.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of gas-powered yard equipment that has high emissions (including blowers, trimmers, weeders).
  • When you receive a Clean Air Action Day alert, take these steps: Reschedule landscape operations that utilize gas-powered equipment, parking lot or driveway paving, and building and grounds painting, varnishing or stripping.