About Dane County Clean Air Coalition

Healthy Air for a Healthy Community
The Dane County Clean Air Coalition is made up of businesses, schools, government agencies and citizens whose goal is healthy air. Since 2003, we have worked together to enhance Dane County's quality of life by reducing air pollution through voluntary programs and partnerships that help the county meet federal air quality standards. The Coalition reaches out to the community through its Employer Network program with the help of its partner, UW’s Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center.

Clean air means healthier people. Air pollution can harm active children, older adults, people with asthma or bronchitis and even healthy, athletic adults. Today about 40,000 Dane County residents (10% of our citizens) suffer from asthma that is aggravated by air pollution.

The Challenge to Our Air Quality
As Dane County has grown, we have continued to work hard to combat air pollution, and air quality is improving as a result. However, due to more protective federal standards, our healthy air status cannot be taken for granted.

  • Air pollution from vehicle exhaust causes 50% of total air pollution.
  • Demand for electricity is increasing, causing current power plants to operate more.
  • The Federal government recently adopted more stringent ozone and fine particle standards. If Dane County violates the new standards, we may be designated a “non-attainment” area and face mandatory air pollution control regulations. Compliance could cost Dane County citizens and businesses millions of dollars each year.

Dane County Clean Air Coalition Members
Please join us in protecting our healthy air.