Endres Manufacturing Company

Endres Manufacturing is Taking Steps to Protect our Air Quality

Endres Manufacturing Company is an AISC Certified steel manufacturing company in Waunakee, Wisconsin. Endres handles everything from large construction projects to individual beams for home builders. They have a full service machine shop and specialize in decorative railing, piers and shoreline equipment.

A UW-Extension pollution prevention specialist visited and made the company aware of potential ozone-contributing manufacturing operations. Ozone, a gas that is the main ingredient of smog, is a concern during the summer months. Even at low levels, it can affect respiratory health. It is formed when two primary pollutants, oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), react with sunlight and warm temperatures.

A free Healthy Air operational audit of their plant was provided and, as a result, Endres modified some of its coating application methods to reduce VOCs from paints and thinners. For example, they cut down on the amount of thinner used on a project. Then they reuse the thinner, first to clean surfaces and then to thin out paint. Finally, they spray paint efficiently and dispose of leftover thinner and paint properly. Endres has investigated low VOC substitutes but thus far have not discovered the right product at the right price.

Endres Manufacturing has also reduced the amount of coating primer it uses. Many of its products have interior applications and so do not require paint. The company has offered its customers a cost reduction on unprimed products. It’s a win-win solution, since customers are happy with the cost saving and Endres has reduced its emissions.

Endres has adopted another successful solution: new work hours that have been a hit with employees. To reduce their commuting, employees work four ten-hour shifts per week. This saves them money and helps protect our air. In Dane County, air pollution from vehicle exhaust now causes 50% of our total air pollution.

The company also signed up for Clean Air Action Day Alerts so it can notify its employees and educate them about steps to take at work or at home when ozone or fine particle levels are high. On Clean Air Action Days, the company does its best to either postpone ozone- producing activities or schedule them for early morning or evening.

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